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Common Appliance Repair Problems

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Frost, not cooling issues, icemaker problems, gasket replacement, water problems, part replacement, cleaning condenser coils, loose handle, unlevel fridge (door not self closing), compressor replacement, evaporator replacement, control board replacement.

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Sounds / looks like the microwave is running when the door is closed, does not heat food, turntable does not rotate, vent fan does not work, light bulb burned out.

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Ovens & ranges

Tempurature problems, convection fan stopped working, bake element burned out, tempurature calibration, leaking door seals, worn out hinges / hinge recievers (door not closing fully), broken door glass, broken handle, loose handle.

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Control panel buttons don't respond, does not dry clothes, takes a long time to dry clothes, rumbling or bumping sound when running, does not run, does not rotate, does not heat up.

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Burner flame dies out on low setting, burner flame not uniform or has gaps, appliance propane conversion, flames wont ignite but ignitor clicks, carbon monoxide smell during bake, gas smell, carbon monoxide smell.

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Washing Machines

Washer control panel buttons don't respond, does not drain,off balance spin, jumping and moving around, clanking sound during spin, water leak, does not fully fill.

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Control panel buttons don't respond, dishwasher not draining, not fully cleaning dishes, water leaks under dishwasher, door falls down, not drying, won't fill.

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Garbage Disposal

Clanking or rumbling sound when running, Hums but does not spin, water leaks, torn gasket, smells, fills with water.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance services help extend the life of your appliances and protect your home from water leaks. This includes regular cleaning and inspections to identify potential issues they become major problems, to prevent water leaks, to identify fire hazards, and following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance steps found in your appliance user manuals.

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